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One of the smartest things you can have tucked into your cache of ways for dealing with hot, humid central Florida summer weather is the phone number of a reliable specialist in Orlando air conditioning repair. DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating has served Central Florida for over 25 years providing the expert residential AC repair Orlando FL needs, as well as first-rate commercial AC repair in Orlando. Folks here know that expert Orlando AC repair is an absolute necessity.

Get expert air conditioning repair in Orlando FL. Call DC / AC Air and Heat today: 407-499-8869
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Critical Services Offered by HVAC Specialists

Some things are just never advised to be tackled by a home or business owner, and the critical HVAC repair Orlando FL needs is one of those things. You want skilled, knowledgeable, licensed and insured technicians working on your AC and heating system. This way, you're sure that the repair work is being done correctly and safely. With over 25 years' experience, DC / AC Air and Heat provides these services:

Get expert air conditioning repair in Orlando FL. Call DC / AC Air and Heat today: 407-499-8869
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Exceptional AC repair in Orlando Florida is just a phone call or a few clicks away. You'll get a free estimate, secure in the knowledge that you're hiring a top Better Business Bureau rated company to handle all of your HVAC needs. DC / AC Air Conditioning and Heating strives for complete customer satisfaction with the AC repair service Orlando trusts for all of its AC and heating needs.

Expert Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

A specialist thoroughly evaluates your system and lets you know exactly what needs to be done to get it back to excellent working order. You'll be given all the facts along with an accurate price estimate for repairs

Maintenance Tasks

Your technician will do routine tune-ups and essential maintenance as part of your total Orlando air conditioner repair service, including lubricating essential parts and changing your filter, along with replenishing refrigerant

Thermostat Repair or Replacement

Sometimes all you'll need is a thermostat repair or replacement to get your system back to working order

New HVAC System Installation

If you need a new system, relax knowing that your knowledgeable specialist will go over the nuances of several recommended systems, along with providing essential facts like energy star ratings and potential energy savings you can expect. This helps you make the best and most informed decision

Skilled Repairs

Whether your condenser needs replacing or you need a new compressor, you can rely on the skill and knowledge of experts in the affordable AC repair Orlando depends on for accurate information and top-notch repairs

Refrigerant Servicing and Charging

DC / AC Air and Heat checks your refrigerant levels, adds refrigerant when necessary, and lets you know the status

The Best Qualities of True Professionals

Every time you call or click on the website of DC / AC Air and Heat, you'll do it with confidence that you'll get top-notch AC repair in Orlando Florida and professional service, delivered with honesty, integrity and real experience. These specialists are well-known for:

Fair and Accurate Pricing

You'll know every step of the way what your cost will be with no surprises

Licensed and Bonded Professionals

Specialists are EPA certified, licensed and insured so you can have complete confidence in all work done

On Time Work

We'll be out when we say we'll be there, paying respect to your time while we deliver the excellent service you expect

Smart Advice

Your technician will steer you in the right direction for all of your repair and replacement needs, providing straightforward information

Get expert air conditioning repair in Orlando FL. Call DC / AC Air and Heat today: 407-499-8869
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Our specialists strive for 100 percent customer satisfaction in all of the AC repair Orlando needs. We believe you'll be impressed with our level of professionalism and integrity. We strive to provide the highest quality work.